Our values

We believe that our values are the true core to making our business a success and providing you, our clients with the service that you both need and expect. Every one of our team firmly believes in these values to such an extent that we have outlined below what we believe in.



We believe that to work in the security industry you must display professionalism – this is for both their safety and of course yours. All of our team display a professional attitude and a professional approach at all times. They show mutual respect to one another, our clients as well as any other stakeholders regardless of how difficult the circumstances might be.

Every member of our team cares about their appearance and the way they portray and conduct themselves. They are fully aware that they are representing you our clients as well as METROPOLITAN SECURITY SERVICES UK LTD.

As Security Officers our team members could be required to act at a moment’s notice, often in stressful circumstances, and our clients need to be able to rely on and trust our team’s judgement.



We have strong morals both collectively and individually when it comes to the way in our clients and our team are treated which is why we focus on customer service and conflict management training.

We also have a strong focus on ensuring that every member of the team happy in their roles and feel supported. We are very honest with our team and therefore we expect them to be honest with you, our client.



We are committed to our team to ensure that they are happy, confident and fulfilled in their roles so they are able to perform to the standards we expect. Our team are committed to your customers’ and employees’ welfare as well as the protection of your assets and property.



We work very hard and closely with all our clients, local and national authorities along with any other parties who may be involved. This enables us to become a trusted brand within the Security Industry.