British Army War Dogs part 2 1961

In a wooded area an 'enemy' parachutist assists his injured partner to hide his parachute and escape into the trees. In camouflage clothing soldiers with a Labrador attempt to find them. The dog follows the scent through woodland, across a stream and dusty road, and into dense undergrowth. The fugitives are found and captured, and the dog rewarded.
An Alsatian leads another patrol through a woodland and stops 150 yards from an ambush. The dog does not bark, and when the patrol starts firing at the enemy the handler strokes the dog to keep it calm. A Labrador detects land mines next to a railway line.
After a simulated but realist Tank attack on a village an Alsatian is used to detect casualty's. The dog runs across open land and through ruined houses . Wearing a red cross identification the dog returns to a medic handler and leads him back to the victim buried under rubble in a ruined house.
An Alsatian locates a hand gun buried in the ground to help locate terrorists.
A tracker Labrador is shown assisting the police in a search.
The use of dogs for guard and sentry duty is demonstrated.
The dog assists a soldier on cycle patrol to apprehend a suspect without attacking him, he may be an innocent civilian.
CU of hero dog at end.

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