crime prevention christmas

crime prevention Christmas:


  •  Always ensure you secure your home, business or student accommodation before you leave. If you have a burglar alarm remember to set it when you go out.
  • It’s a good idea to use automatic lights and draw your curtains as the evenings get darker earlier. If you can keep your valuables and any Christmas presents out of sight.
  • Be aware of fraud and scams whenever you use your bank cards and credit cards on the internet, restaurants and bars and limit your personal information on social media. Remember to keep your cards and their passwords and PIN numbers secure.



  • Pickpockets and opportunistic thieves like to target people in shopping centres and busy locations so ensure that you take precautions at Cash machines and are vigilant regarding your wallet, handbag and mobile phone particularly in cafes, restaurants, when on the street and at transport hubs or on public transport.
  • When Christmas shopping park your car in a well lit managed area if possible and leave the vehicle secure with no bags, items or valuables on display.
  •  If you are going out celebrating always let someone know where you are going who you are with and when you might be home. If you change your plans let someone know otherwise they may worry.

taxi company

  •  Have a plan to get home safe such as prebooking a reputable taxi company or where and when to catch a night bus or train. Remember never to use a minicab off the street as they are illegal and very dangerous.
  •  Drunk people are statistically more susceptible to violence, sexual offences, serious injury and theft. You will be much safer partying and travelling in a group as this will reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime.Drunk people

Have a wonderful safe Christmas with your loved ones 

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