CCTV for London and Surrounding Areas

Preventing unwanted access to your home or business is something that we all require and something that METROPOLITAN SECURITY SERVICES UK LTD specialize in.

One of the key ways to protect your property is by monitoring. This is useful in a number of ways not least that visible signs of detection such as CCTV cameras act as a deterrent but also CCTV is a way of recording criminal activity and can be used as evidence. Our CCTV systems utilise state of the art technology installed by our security experts and provide an effective way to boost your on-site security.

We also offer a comprehensive CCTV monitoring service to provide an effective first line of defence and minimise threats to your property. We monitor 24/7, allowing us to immediately work with local authorities or existing onsite security for an unbeatably fast response. Our integrated systems even allow for direct control of CCTV systems and access control systems, such as doors, gates and barriers.

If you would like a no obligation review of your existing security arrangements, or a discussion about the possible sustainability of any particular type of security for your requirements then please call 0207 406 7557 or contact us 

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