Mayfair squat eviction: ‘Squatters are playing Monopoly by taking over some of London’s top properties’

Squatters are “playing Monopoly” with central London’s most prestigious addresses, a bailiff whose firm has evicted activists from more than a dozen prime properties said today:


High Court enforcement officer Jonathan Chatfield and his team from the Burlington Group were pressed into service again last night as a group of 30 “five-star” squatters were evicted from an empty £10million office in Mayfair.

Scuffles broke out as demonstrators from an earlier anti-austerity protest in Whitehall flashmobbed the block in Grosvenor Street in a “show of solidarity”.

As banners were removed from the former energy firm’s offices and bailiffs sealed the doors with metal shutters, Mr Chatfield told the Standard he had personally evicted the same squatters eight times in the past three months.

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