Notting Hill Carnival safety advice 2015

Notting Hill Carnival safety advice 2015

The Metropolitan Police Service has been working closely with the organisers of Notting Hill Carnival, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council, Westminster City Council and a number of other partners to ensure a safe and enjoyable weekend for those attending the event.

Superintendent Robyn Williams, spokesperson for this year's celebrations, said:

"We want visitors to come along and enjoy themselves, whilst remaining safe. Unfortunately, given the large number of people the event attracts, there will always be a small number who see it as an opportunity to commit crime. My message to those who plan to cause trouble is do not come.

"Throughout the weekend, dedicated teams of experienced officers will be deployed to prevent potential trouble-makers from getting into the area surrounding carnival. Officers and stewards will be on hand to help the public, and will take appropriate action and intervene at the earliest possible stage to prevent situations escalating.

"For the third year running we will also be using super recognisers - highly-skilled officers who can recall the faces, names, birth dates and other details of offenders years after seeing them either in person or on file. They will be monitoring the event live from a central CCTV room, seeking out anyone whose bail conditions prohibit them from attending the event, as well as quickly identifying opportunists who commit crime.

"This year, an anti-social behaviour dispersal zone will be in place from 7am on Sunday 30 August until 6.59am on Tuesday 1 September 2015. During this period a police officer can ask a person to leave the area if they are contributing - or are likely to contribute - to anti-social behaviour. If the person refuses to leave, or returns within 48 hours of leaving, they commit an offence. This is an option we will seek to use to ensure the area remains safe for everyone living in the area or attending carnival.

"If you know of anyone who is planning to misuse this vibrant event and use it as a cover for crime, then let us know and help us keep it safe for you. Call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 and tell us what you know."

You can download a map of the anti-social dispersal zone as a PDF.

Superintendent Williams' top tips for people attending carnival are:

"Public transport will be busy, so check the TfL website and plan your journey in advance. Some stations may be closed or exit-only.

"Go with the flow of the crowd - don't walk against it. Police officers are there to help and sometimes they may ask you to walk a longer route for safety reasons. Police officers will also be handing out maps of the area at the event.

"Have a set meeting place in case you lose family or friends - do not rely on your mobile phone. In fact, try to keep your phone out of sight, to deter thieves.

"Avoid bringing valuables, too much cash or wearing expensive jewellery. These are things which will tempt opportunistic thieves."

"When the party is over, you still need to keep safe, so stay alert as you make your way home."

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