Security charge such low prices

Security charge such low prices

How are some firms able to charge such low prices?

At the end of January another Security firm director was sentenced for illegal business practices. These included unlawful immigration and provided non SIA licensed staff.

SIA Head of Investigation Darren Woodhouse said: “The sentencing of Sandra Okah sends out a very strong message to those in the security industry who chose to work outside the law.

“The SIA is committed to working with our enforcement partners to tackle serious and organised crime, and to disrupt criminal activity across the UK.”

The court heard that a third to half of the Blue Feathers workforce had no right to work in the United Kingdom, they were exploited by having to work long hours, and they were paid below the minimum wage.

For a long time now many firms in the industry have circumvented the law, by employing staff who do not have the right to work in the UK as well as not having the correct SIA licenses in order to inflate their profits. Industry prices have fluctuated and many companies have been forced out of business who have stayed within the law.

But now the SIA has tightened its procedures and is working with governmental agencies and with its hard line stance aims to clean up the industry once and for all.

This is great news for the industry and although the artificially low prices we have seen of late will rise to compensate for this, they will stabilize and service rather than a price war will determine who clients use.

Other prosecutions are initiated by police forces and other government agencies with our support: these are not reported here. Information presented is current as of 3 August 2015. SIA Prosecutions

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