Security is something that is becoming increasingly important within the whole hotelier industry - be that to protect against petty crime or perhaps something more serious such as terrorism.

It is a sad fact of life that terrorism is impacting more and more on everyday lives. There are potential threats from all 4 corners of the globe with national intelligence services always wary of these threats. Obviously it would be impossible for these groups and the already stretched police service to provide a visible presence at your hotel all of the time so it is on these occasions when a reliable and professional private team is the answer.

Petty crime such as theft or antisocial behaviour is something that hotels have long had to deal with. The response times of police often mean that perpetrators have left by the time that they arrive or that the problem has been resolved by hotel staff who may be putting themselves in danger due to not having adequate training. These are the situations where a visible security team provides peace of mind and assurance to law abiding members of the public.

Our hotel security services are tailored to the needs of your hotel regardless of the size. Call 0207 406 7557 or use the contact form to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements with one of our team.

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