Residential Street patrols Throughout London and Surrey

Metropolitan Security Service provides daily security street patrols in residential areas with general purpose security dogs and handlers.

We continually hear about trespassing, burglary, violence, vandalism and personal attacks. These incidents are very traumatic and can leave residents feeling threatened and vulnerable. The need to secure and protect your home, property and family in different ways is becoming increasingly important. We can help eliminate incidents like these with our Residential street patrols scheme. Our Residential street patrols scheme has proven to be hugely successful in many areas from covering Hampstead, St. John's Wood, Kensington, Chelsea, Regents Park, and all post codes in London and Surrey.



Residential street patrols throughout London and Surrey


As our police force becomes more and more pressed the demand for private Residential Street Patrols is on the increase.

At METROPOLITAN Security Services UK Ltd we aim to put an end to car crime, muggings, youth crime, anti-social behaviour and burglaries with highly visible Residential Street Patrols. We cover areas such as Hampstead, St John's Wood, Kensington, Chelsea, Regents Park as well as all post codes in London and Home counties.

If you have no security at the moment, you feel it is time to upgrade your existing arrangements or you feel let down by your existing supplier, you need to find a company you can trust. That means people who take the time to understand your requirements and concerns; people who respond positively and do what they say they will; people you can rely on for impartial, sound advice and people who will provide quality equipment that does what it is supposed to do, reliably.


Crime and Violent Crime on the Rise

According to crime statistics violent crime is on the rise. In 2015 sexual assaults increased 31% from the year before, and the murder rate jumped from 99 to 113, the largest increase in decades. Violent crimes as a whole went up 27 percent. Some attribute this to detectives being in short supply. There are 800 positions available right now waiting to be filled in Britain and Wales.

In addition to the redeployment of detectives the increases in violent crime are the street gangs being formed by migrant workers. London saw 1/5 of the increases in murder rates. The increase in violent crimes recently is much higher than it has been in decades. Many crimes have been stagnant since 2004, and some have gone so far as to say this new wave of violence is peculiar.

Some experts argue that crime has not actually increased, but reporting of crimes has gone up as people gain more trust in the judicial system. This will be looked into further.

In the mean time with crime increasing and law enforcement decreasing there is also a rise in private security firms that will provide residential street patrols to deter crime, and allow you to feel safe, walking to or from your home to work or school.


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