Factories are perhaps one of the most vulnerable properties when it comes to petty crime, theft, vandalism and even corporate espionage.

With constant high volumes of visitors and workers passing through a factory’s doors, extensive stock and expensive equipment lying around, factories make for an extremely vulnerable environment when it comes to crime. It is impossible to keep track of everything that in going on whilst at the same time conduct your normal business.

Criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated and are also looking for quick returns or commit acts of theft on the back of orders. This makes factories extremely attractive places as large amounts of stock will already be conveniently packaged ready to be delivered. This is why you need an experienced and reliable private security team on hand to take care of and advise you on all of these issues on your behalf.

We offer a range of factory security services that are tailored to the needs of your premises. Call 0207 406 7557 or use the contact form to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements with one of our team.

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