Gatehouses security by their very nature are the main access points for industrial estates, factories as well as a whole host of other premises so it is vital that they are manned in order for your premises to be as secure as possible.

The vast majority of criminals will gain access to premises through the most obvious means possible and this is via the gates. After all, how are these criminals going to get a van or lorry onto the premises if it is not via conventional means? This is why it is vital that you have a professional and reliable security company carrying out security checks on all people and vehicles entering and leaving the premises.

It is a sad fact that many security guards who operate gatehouse security are actually involved in the crime themselves. This may be by merely turning a blind eye, actively informing criminals of goings on or in some cases it can be far more serious. This is why all are employees are fully vetted and monitored to ensure to we nearly eliminate the prospect of this happening.

We offer a range of gatehouse security services that are tailored to the needs of your premises. Call 0207 406 7557 or use the contact form to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements with one of our team.

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  • Regular foot and mobile perimeter patrols
  • Thorough reporting of suspicious incidents
  • Appropriately and smartly uniformed guards
  • Delivery of Health & Safety Inductions
  • Carry out vehicle and personnel searches
  • Maintain log books and registers
  • Monitor CCTV surveillance
  • Communications coordinating in any emergencies or risk
  • Fire and Alarm’s register
  • Control and monitor the movement of vehicles, personnel and visitors to your site