Security Officers & Guards


Metropolitan Security Service takes pride in the fact that we can provide you with a tailor made, bespoke security packages regardless of your type of business. Whether you need a single security officer, or a fleet of security guards we can help you assess your personal and professional security needs and provide you with the best security solutions to keep you safe. Metropolitan Security Service will assist you in selecting your security guards or officers to suit all your needs.


Metropolitan Security Service Analyses your Security Needs

Our vastly experienced managers will travel to your location and meet to discuss your own unique security requirements.  We tailor our packages to ensure that we meet all of your needs both in terms of your business and also your financial situation. Our service will compliment your corporate culture and reflect the image that you wish to portray. Security is a critical issue and to ensure that nothing is missed when evaluating your specific needs one of our managers needs to get hands on to assess your security goals.


Selecting the Right Security Guard or Officer for your Safety

One of our specialty services is providing our clients with security officers. Our officers are available throughout the capital city and surrounding areas and are trained to be deployed in any number of situations or environments. Our experienced and professional security officers can work in plain clothes or in a high profile uniform depending on your individual requirements.


Common Tasks Security Officers & Security Guards Perform

There are a number of reasons for corporations and persons to hire security guards and officers. There are many neighborhoods in and around London with varying degrees of security especially when moving around after dark. For personal security we provide Residential Street Patrol Service, this is typically a single officer or guard who will escort a group or individual in residential neighborhoods. It is very likely that the security officer doing a residential street patrol will also be a trained dog handler.

Another common job for our security guards is mobile patrol service. Corporations may hire an officer or several officers depending on the area that needs to be patrolled. Mobile Patrol units may work at night or around the clock, and the areas may vary. We will work with you to assess your particular needs and work with you to find the correct solution for your peace of mind.

Security Officers for Corporate Clients

Corporations may hire private security officers for any number of reasons. Our managers will work with your representative to ensure that all your corporate security needs are met. For corporate clients we offer services such as full reports detailing security guard’s arrival and departure times, and their patrols, freeing up the client to focus on their core business.



Security Officers, and Security Guards with Metropolitan Security Service are trained in fire and first aid safety in addition to their other training, making them outstanding first responders. They are dependable in times of crisis, which is exactly what you need when considering a security officer.


We offer professionally trained security officers at competitive prices starting at just £8.99 per hour. Call 0333 900 9999

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