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Spot the Intruder: Why security lighting makes all the difference

Good lighting means it’s easier to see things – of course. However, you may be surprised to find out exactly how big a difference effective security lighting can make.   Don’t be mistaken into thinking that we mean security lighting is the be all and end all of security measures. It’s actually often a poor…
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How to Secure Wooden Back and Side Gates

Intruders will often target wooden back or side gates. They are generally out of sight and well concealed and offer a sturdy surface for climbing. Taking steps therefore to secure back and side gates should form an essential part of your security plan. In this post we have set out a variety of measures that…
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Million Mask March London

Million Mask March London: Police 'expecting trouble' as thousands set to descend on London for bonfire night protest   Scotland Yard is braced for a second consecutive night of chaos as up to 18,000 people descend on the capital for the protest   Interactive map: Where the police are letting protesters go:   Thousands of…
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